Monday, May 13, 2013

We're a two-Sookie family

Dead Ever After, the final Sookie Stackhouse novel, was released on May 7th. To my surprise, I had two copies show up on our library hold shelf on May 8th! TWO! I have no idea how this happened, and I considered canceling my hold on one of the copies. However, my husband is also a Sookie fan. I knew that if I didn't take the second copy home I would have to hide the single copy until I could finish my current novel. Or start reading Sookie immediately, thereby officially staking my claim on the novel (something we disgustingly refer to as "licking the book." Don't judge. At least we don't call it "peeing on the book."). Weighing the pros and cons, and slightly ashamed at my greed, I nevertheless took both copies home with me.

Husband immediately abandoned his novel (the cad) and started in on Sookie. I finished up what I had been reading (though probably at a slightly faster rate) and started reading Dead Ever After the next evening. Husband was ahead of me, and I couldn't stand it. This, combined with the better quality of writing and a page-turning plot, made me race through the book like a NASCAR driver. I finished it two days after I started, and have already turned it in for the next reader (which totally helps my feelings of two-copy guilt). It was a fun read and a satisfying finale to the series. Sure, the ending was tied up in a nice, neat bow, but I can overlook that. I won't say more...spoilers, Sweetie!

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