Stash? What stash?
All I can say is Thank God for Goodreads! I’ve been plowing through books this year, and there’s no way I would have been able to keep up with all that I’m reading without some sort of list that I can’t lose. I've also completely abandoned the concept of stash busting. I like having books around that I haven't read - it's like a security blanket. 

As I typed the list I see that I unknowingly spent February catching up on my series reading. I’d love to say I was all caught up, but I still have a few to read in a couple of these series. 
  • Flirting with Disaster (Jackson: Girls’ Night Out #2) by Victoria Dahl
  • Fanning the Flames (Jackson: Girls’ Night Out #0.5) by Victoria Dahl
  • The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires (Half Moon Hollow #1) by Molly Harper
  • Driving Mr. Dead (Half Moon Hollow #1.5) by Molly Harper
  • The Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses (Half Moon Hollow #2) by Molly Harper
  • Undead Sublet (Half Moon Hollow #2.5) by Molly Harper
  • Obsession in Death (In Death #40) by J.D. Robb
  • What a Lady Requires (The Eton Boys #3) by Ashlyn Macnamara (ARC)
  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik (ARC)
  • Ember (Darkest London #0.5) by Kristen Callahan

Revving into the New Year!
I was on fire in January! Look what I read:

As you can see, NONE of these were stash books. I wonder if putting stash busting pressure on myself was interfering with my ability to read? You know how it is: there could be a book you've been dying to read, but the minute someone says you HAVE to read it, or gives you a deadline, you dig in your heels and absolutely refuse. Okay, maybe that's just me...

You'll also see that four of these are Advance Reader's Copies. I requested a lot of titles last month, thinking that I might get approved for about a fourth of what I wanted. Imagine my surprise/horror/giddiness when they were ALL approved. Whew! 

December 28, 2014
The end of 2014 has been chaotic and I have responded by becoming highly forgetful. At least, that’s the only reason I can think why I’ve missed so many blog posts in the past couple of months. One of the things I forgot to post was my November update. 

To make things simpler for me, and easier to read for you, I’m only going to list the titles I read. I only read one from my stash in the past two months, and I acquired...a lot. But I’m in denial about that, so I won’t list or count them right now. 

December Reads:
Blood Magick by Nora Roberts
Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (ARC - for publication)
Whisper the Dead by Alyxandra Harvey (stash buster!)
Prudence by Gail Carrier (ARC - review to come!)

Several of these were absolutely amazing and I’ll be posting reviews for them in 2015. Stay tuned to see if this uptick in my reading volume continues! 

November Reads Recap:
The Scarlett Bernard series by Melissa F. Olson 
Book 1: Dead Spots 
Book 2: Trail of Dead
Book 3: Hunter’s Trail

November 1, 2014
I failed October. I mean, I read many books, but I didn't exactly make a dent in my stash. I managed two, Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks and No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean, though both were added to my stash fairly recently. I’m currently reading another historical romance, due to be published in 2015. Once this one is done I think I’ll switch subgenres - I am finding that I can only read so many historicals in a row before getting burnt out. 

Also, my stash grew…a lot. Between author events and Avon Addicts shipments there are an additional fifteen titles on my shelves. I also have more to add in my November report, since I acquired a few more today at the Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon. 

Other Read
So, why didn't I read my stash down? Because a new J.D. Robb book came out, I read and reviewed two books for a journal, and I found out that Cary Elwes wrote a memoir about the making of The Princess Bride. Seriously. The odds were stacked against me this month, right? 

Here are the non-stash books I read:
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (review coming in January)
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes
Festive in Death by J.D. Robb
Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles 

Stash Increases
I attended an author event at North Shelby Public Library in October, and received a hefty "trilogy" package from Avon Books that same month. These are the books I added as a result:

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase
Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett
Wait For You trilogy by J. Lynn
1. Wait for You
2. Be With Me
3. Stay With Me
The Ivy Chronicle trilogy by Sophie Jordan
1. Foreplay
2. Tease
3. Wild
The Wedding Vow by Cara Connelly
The Brides of Wishmore trilogy by Cathy Maxwell
1. The Bride Says No
2. The Bride Says Maybe
3. The Groom Says Yes
The Bow Street trilogy by Lisa Kleypas
1. Someone to Watch Over Me
2. Lady Sophia’s Lover

3. Worth Any Price

This brings my stash total up from 104 to 119. I predict that November will be just as much of a fail. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and am not sure how much time I'll have to read if I do it right. Stay tuned to find out what happens!

September 29, 2014
Time to update my list! Last month I read a couple of books from my shelves, admitted to myself that a couple of them were never going to be read and discarded them, and read a few others that weren't on any list. Here's the update:

Read from stash:

I also gave all three of these away when I finished reading them, totally removing them from my shelves. 

Other Read
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab 
Frostborn by Lou Anders 
Lirael by Garth Nix (audiobook)
Mercy Thompson Books 1-4 by Patricia Briggs (audiobooks)
  1. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs 
  2. Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs 
  3. Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs 
  4. Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs 

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black - I tried to read this one for the third or fourth time, and I just can't get into it. I loved Black's White Cat, but this one not so much.

Jack: The Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson  and Variant by Robeson Wells - these have been on my shelf for a couple of years. I made the decision that if I couldn’t work up the interest to start reading them before now, I probably never would. 


Safe With Me by Maya Banks

This brings my total down to 104 books from 108. Decent progress for a single month!

August 31, 2014
Many apologies for my long absence. This summer was incredibly hectic and I did very little reading. I missed it, too. I'm really far behind! Don't believe me? Take a look at my Goodreads "to-read" list! Or just look at my bookshelves...

This is my bedside book shelf. I haven't read ANY of these yet!
About half of these are unread. At least half...maybe more.

This doesn't even count the ebooks on my NOOK or the stack of library books sitting around. 

Also, I set a Goodreads goal of reading 125 books this year. How many have I read? Only 42! And it's almost September!

In an effort to clear my bookshelves, make my Goodreads goal, and fulfill the purpose of this blog by sharing reviews, I am embarking on Project Read All the Books (PRAB)! 

It's not an original idea. I have to credit my friend Confessions of a Librarian in Training, who read 30 books last month, seven of which were on her PRAB list. She's also much better at posting than I am, so she's my blog idol right now. I'm going to make a serious effort to return to my once-a-week posting for now, and plan to up that to at two - three times a week next year. 

I know, I know...big talk from a girl who can't manage to post even once a week. But I have to have a goal, right?

Update: I counted my for-sure unread print books today and there are 108! I will admit that some of these may not get read all the way through, as a fair number were conference freebies that "looked good," but may not actually be well written or entertaining.

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