Monday, March 10, 2014

Devilishly fun Regency romance

Lady Audrey Cringlewood has loved Lord Trent Davenport from the moment she first met him. Unfortunately, Trent was married once before to a woman who betrayed his love, consigning him to torture and imprisonment for months. His bride, Gwyenth, died years ago, along with Trent’s ability to trust a woman with his heart. 

Audrey has been resisting her father's attempts to marry her off to anyone who will have her, waiting on Trent to realize that he loves her after all. But when Lord Cringlewood dies unexpectedly, she finds instead of an inheritance he has left a mountain of debt for her and Richard, her brother. Richard, with a substantial amount of debt of his own, flees in the night, leaving Audrey to cope alone. If Audrey is to survive she must make an advantageous marriage, and soon. 

Trent believes he can offer Audrey a mutually beneficial marriage, and that this option is better than her other suitors will provide. Audrey will not marry for less than love, however, and Trent can never trust enough to love her.

This was not Audrey and Trent’s first encounter (they met in a previous Whisper of Scandal novel), and the embers of their romance were kindled before Dancing with a Devil begins. Despite this, the novel stands well on its own. Lady Audrey Cringlewood is a delightful heroine: stubborn, outspoken, and determined to have what she wants despite the obstacles in her way. Lord Trent Davenport has a wonderful backstory, lending credibility to his reasoning and actions. The secondary characters are lively and engaging, keeping the story moving by adding layers of action and reaction, plotting, intrigue, and messing up everyone’s plans with ideas of their own. Readers will fly through the pages of this Regency romance and hunt down the author’s backlist to read the other Whisper of Scandal titles.

Disclaimer: This review is based on an Advance Review Copy and not the final, fully proofed, version of the book. 

Disclaimer #2: Julie Johnstone is in my writing group. While we are not best friends, we do know each other. 

Johnstone, Julie. Dancing with a Devil: A Whisper of Scandal Novel. Birmingham, AL: Night Shift Publishing, 2014. 

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