Monday, May 5, 2014

Cursed with blandness

Indigo Blackwood is at the apex of high school popularity. She’s a cheerleader, dating the star football player, and her best friend has propelled them both into the most elite social circle on campus. Sure, Indigo’s mom owns a quirky new age magic shop, and there’s some teasing about that, but nothing she can’t handle. 

One day Indigo arrives at her mom’s store only to find her buried under a bookcase that couldn’t have fallen on it’s own, and her mom has no memory of how it happened. Worse, her mom’s witchy “Bible” is missing. In the family for decades, Indigo’s mom is OCD about the Bible, and goes into hysterics when she discovers it’s missing.  Indigo impulsively promise to find it in order to pacify and calm her mother, but where on earth will she start looking? Maybe the mysterious hot guy who’s been hanging around lately has an idea?

Indigo is a pretty dull character, and not really likable, but the plot of Hexed moved along fluidly nonetheless. The story included a few interesting characters (though not Indigo), a unique-ish plot, and a nice twist to the ending. That being said, the novel wasn’t standout. The scenes that should have been emotional fell flat, and others just didn't ring true. Hexed was readable, but it was also pretty forgettable. It showed promise, though, so I'm not washing my hands of the author just yet.

Krys, Michelle. Hexed. New York: Delacorte Press, 2014. 2.5 stars.

Review based on Advance Readers Copy from NetGalley.

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