Monday, September 22, 2014

Magic, romance, and danger in the heart of Houston

People have magic some more than others. The most powerful, usually cultivated through the careful blending of bloodlines, are called Primes. Mad Rogan is the most powerful Prime known, able to use his telekinetic magic to level cities. Nevada Baylor is on the other end of the spectrum, her magic is the ability to tell if someone is lying. Helpful as a private detective, but that's about it. Fate throws them together in the hunt for a dangerous renegade Prime, Adam Pierce. 

Pierce is an incredibly powerful pyrokinetic. He’s usually showy and violent, but his actions of late have pushed him past law enforcements most wanted list and onto the shoot on site list. Rogan needs Adam to tell him the whereabouts of a missing, implicated, relative. Nevada is being forced, almost blackmailed, into this suicide mission of bringing the unstable Prime back to his family - alive. She is reluctant to partner with Rogan, who is known for his bloody past and his cold ruthlessness, but its the only way shell stay alive AND finish her job. She didnt expect to be attracted to Rogan, and she certainly isn't pleased with her body's reaction to him. Rogan doesn't understand why Nevada fights their chemistry. He wants Nevada, and he usually gets what he wants - one way or another.

As Rogan and Nevada search they uncover a much more intricately planned scheme that Adam, with his careless crash and burn attitude, is capable of devising. With the fate of Houston in the balance, can they stop the young, impulsive Prime before he burns the city to the ground?

It took me a few chapters to really get into this first Hidden Legacy book, but once I did I couldnt stop reading. The world of Burn For Me has been carefully and meticulously constructed, then populated with well-drawn characters that ring true. Some of my favorites were in Nevada's family, who play a large role in the investigative business and in the plot of the novel. In particular her grandmother, Frida, who is humorous and dangerous...and a little besotted with handsome men. Nevada, the primary narrator, is a strong woman with a highly developed sense of right and wrong. Rogan is intriguing, but more closed off from the reader (which clicks perfectly with the picture drawn of him). His power and wealth give him everything he could ever want, but it has also corrupted his moral compass. As opposites, it will be interesting to see who compromises, who changes, and what develops between Nevada and Rogan as the series unfolds. 

Andrews, Ilona. Burn For Me: A Hidden Legacy Novel. New York: Avon Books, (November) 2014. 4 Stars.

Disclaimer:  As an Avon Addict I received this Advance Readers Edition free from the publisher  in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in the review are mine alone.

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