Monday, November 24, 2014

Pure fantasy (for adult readers)

Aenor, warrior and dragonrider, has been sent across the border into Huria to ask for the Maester’s help. The crown prince is the victim of an assassination attempt and while his body lives his spirit is wandering the Darkland. Only the Maester, an ageless healer and magician, has the skill and strength to go into the Darkland and bring the prince’s spirit back. 

But the Maester refuses to help. He cannot cross into the kingdom of Norwall because of an ancient feud with the Abida, another ageless magician and the Maester’s sworn enemy. With only seven days before the prince’s spirit is forever lost, Aenor has no choice. She kidnaps the Maester and starts the journey home.

The journey, on the back of Aenor’s bonded dragon Eld, should have been simple and quick. Instead they must face air battles, black mages, and a trek overland through barren enemy territory. To cap it off, Aenor’s onset begins early, causing the release of her mating pheromones and making it difficult for her and the Maester to keep their minds on their quest. 

The Sword & the Spellcaster is the first pure fantasy novel I’ve read in a while, and it reminded me why I love the genre. The tale is an action-filled epic quest with mythical beasts and powerful magic. The world building was excellent, and Wyn’s plot development pulled me in immediately. The characters of Aenor and Marius, the Maester, were well developed and interesting from their first appearances. The writing style, though overly enthusiastic with commas, was readable and engaging. 

Note: The novel describes itself as an erotic romance. While there are three or four very descriptive sex scenes, I wouldn’t call this erotic fiction.

Wyn, Annabelle. The Sword & the Spellcaster: An Erotic Romance Novel. Amazon Digital Services, Inc.: 2014. 4 Stars.

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