Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking for Trouble by Victoria Dahl: Revealing the true nature of librarians

Victoria Dahl was the keynote speaker at a past Southern Magic Reader’s Luncheon, and I loved her sense of humor. I kept meaning to read one of her many contemporary romance novels, but just never got around to it. Then I started following her on Twitter, where she made me laugh on a daily basis (and was so NSFW that I had to read her on my phone instead of my work computer, just in case someone came in and looked over my shoulder). A couple of weeks ago her Twitter feed blew up with the news that Looking For Trouble was on sale. I ignored them until I read one mentioning that the main character was a librarian. A naughty librarian. SOLD!

Small-town librarian Sophie is chaste, sweet, and mild-mannered…at least in public. Her soul yearns to be wild and reckless, however, so a few times a year she picks out a tourist and has a one-night fling. Alex, the dangerous, tattooed biker she’s just met, is exactly the wrong man for her plans. Sophie can’t resist their chemistry though, and one night turns into two, then three, of the hottest sex Sophie’s ever had. But the intertwined ghosts of their pasts refuse to stay buried, and old scandal turns into new gossip, all of which threatens to ruin whatever is building between Sophie and Alex. It’s a good thing Alex will be leaving town for good in a few days….isn’t it?

As a lifelong librarian with a wild side that occasionally comes out to play, I loved this novel, and could completely relate to Sophie’s yearning to break out of the mold she’s cast for herself. And the sex scenes…whew! THE SEX SCENES!! *fans self just thinking about them* 

I devoured Looking For Trouble in under 48 hours - just in time for the release of the second title in the series. If you’re looking for hot sex, great characters, and a very readable story, this is the book for you. Just take my advice and set aside a chunk of time, ‘cause you won’t want to put it down.

Note: The second book in the Jackson: Girls' Night Out series, Flirting with Disaster, is just as good. I am amazed by Dahl's talent. FwD has elements of suspense, strong females, well-developed secondary characters, and downright amazing sex scenes. What else could I ask for...other than book three?!?!

Dahl, Victoria. Looking For Trouble. New York: Harlequin HQN, 2014. 4 stars. 


  1. Thanks for a great review! I'll definitely be checking this one out.