Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tish Thawer's Witches of BlackBrook - review and Kindle Fire giveaway!

Publisher's Synopsis:
Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.
Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurdles their souls forward through time. After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day.
One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.
Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever?

In 1693 Karina was burned at the stake for her practice of witchcraft. As her frightened sisters Kara and Kenna looked on, she wove a final spell to transport their souls out of Ipswich, Massachusetts and toward safety. Hundreds of years later she and her sister Kenna have found each other, again, but there’s still no sign of Kara. Karina and Kenna have always been able to find each other, but until the three are reunited their full powers are bound, which, of course, makes finding the third that much harder. Only now, finally, Karina thinks she may have found their long-lost sister. So why is Kenna so reluctant to pursue the lead? Is it jealousy, formed from hundreds of year of having her older sister all to herself? Or is there a more sinister reason behind Kenna’s subterfuge and anger?

The Witches of BlackBrook is a quick, enjoyable read with a great twist in the plot. Though it seems to be the first in a series, the ending seemed to wrap up all of the existing plot threads. It will be interesting to see where the author takes the story if the series does continue. 

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Thawer, Tish. The Witches of BlackBrook (The Witches of BlackBrook #1). Amber Leaf Publishing, 2015. 3.5 star

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in the review are mine alone. 

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