Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Lumiere, a teen steampunk novel, places it's reader firmly in a dystopian society that doesn't tolerate wickedness or witchcraft. 17-year-old Eyelet has always been protected by her unusual parents. If it is discovered that she suffers from seizures she will be put away...or destroyed. Her father was working on a machine to cure her before his death. One day she will find that machine - the Illuminator - and finish what he started. That day comes sooner than she expects when she's forced to run or suffer the fate of her mother, who is found guilty of wickedness and sentenced to die.

Urlick is a disfigured orphan with a quick mind and a soft heart. When Eyelet jumps aboard his conveyance and hitches a ride to his home, he takes her in and protects her. He knows she has secrets. But then, so does he.

This may be the least restful novel I have ever read. Eyelet and Urlick simply do not slow down - their tale pushes them onward from adventure to adventure, always on the run and in pursuit of the Illuminator. Both characters are inquisitive, intelligent, and likable. The supporting characters are less developed and sometimes seem like an afterthought, but even so they add dimension to the plot. Likewise a plot twist or two had me scratching my head, though overall things made sense and flowed well.

Lumiere is the first book in a new series, The Illumination Paradox. Fans of Kady Cross's Steampunk Chronicles and dystopian fiction (such as the Maze Runner and the Hunger Games) will love this title.

Garlick, Jacqueline E. Lumiere. Skyscape, 2015. 4 stars

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