Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mythology is twisted in Jenna Black's Dark Descendant

Nikki Glass, private investigator, is on a date. A really bad date. So when her client calls and asks her to meet him at a cult leader’s house to pick up his brainwashed girlfriend, Nikki ignores her gut instinct and leaps at the excuse to ditch her date. Nikki should have listened to her gut.

When Nikki arrives at the house she puts herself in the hands of men who believe themselves to be immortal, powerful progeny of gods. These psychopaths tell Nikki she’s the descendant of Artemis, and by mowing down one of their merry band of maniacs with her car she’s taken his immortality for herself. Trapped at their mercy in a tiny basement cell Nikki is sure they’re all insane…except that the mortal wounds she incurred in the car accident have healed. Now Nikki has to make a choice, stay with these guys (none of whom she trusts and one of which is actively trying to kill her) or join the Olympians, a group of descendants who want to use her supernaturally powerful manhunting skills (thanks, Artemis) to track down people they want to kill.

This urban fantasy novel starts off with a bang and the action doesn’t stop. It’s an original premise skillfully written, with intriguing characters that engender emotion. For those who have triggers, I should point out that the plot is gritty and violent and occasionally disturbing, but all of these elements are pivotal to the story. If you’re a fan of Jeanine Frost or Patricia Briggs, or badass females, you’ll definitely enjoy Dark Descendant

Note: I read the audiobook version of this novel and highly recommend it. 

Black, Jenna. Dark Descendant (Nikki Glass #1). New York: Pocket Books, 2011. Five stars

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